Crafts: Silver Wing Ring


Not so long ago I posted an picture on my Instagram just with a couple of pieces I made using silver clay. One of them was this wing and I decided to turn it into a ring, yes my obsession with rings is still going strong haha and this time, the size was perfect! Big shock right? Even I was a little surprised at being able to size a ring correctly first time round. I’m thinking of maybe remaking this and then {Read More}

Crafts: Two Ring Silver Puzzle Ring


One of the biggest challenges I have had to date is trying to make a puzzle ring. I love the idea of having rings connecting together to form a uniform band when pieced together. Traditionally puzzle rings are made from at least 4 individual rings but since I’m still a newbie, I tried making it with just two rings. It took me forever to even finish this ring as I started practising the twists on copper wire initially and failed {Read More}

BBG: Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Week 4 Progress


I can’t believe it’s already been 4 weeks since I started the Kayla Itsines  Bikini Body Guide properly. Altogether I have done 8 weeks in total including the 4 weeks Pre-Training. I think I will keep posting updates every 4 weeks or so even if it’s just to keep myself motivated or who knows to help other people as well? I am one of those people that exercise was always a chore and that there was always something better to do {Read More}

Nendoroid: Sonoda Umi Love Live!!


This post is a little late considering my Sonoda Umi Nendoroid from the Love Live! Anime series arrived ages ago, I just never got round to posting about it! She is my third nendoroid from the Love Live! Series, the first being Honoka and 2nd being Hanayo. Again, I was unlucky and ended up getting taxed on my parcel. Those people have it in for me I swear! Like the other two nendoroids, she only comes with one extra face {Read More}

Review: Utena Yuzu Hair Oil


The Yuzu fruit is packed full of Vitamin C and is often used to help ward off a cold. I have never tried it by itself as a fruit although I have heard it is very sour! But I have had it in Yuzu Tea which is basically the rind of the Yuzu mixed with honey and sugar. Now that is some yummy tea and is great during the cold months when you are feeling a little bit sorry for {Read More}

Review: Hello Cavities Twinkle Twinkle Bat Sweatshirt


My current obsession with Instagram led to me arriving at Hello Cavities Instagram page which is filled with brightly coloured and super adorable clothing, so adorable in fact that I had to get one for myself! Hello Cavities have their own Etsy shop and it took me a long time to decide whether I wanted the Hello Cavities Twinkle Twinkle Bat Sweatshirt in Lavender or Mint. I would have bought both but decided on Lavender as my final choice. They also {Read More}

Review: YSL Rouge Volupte Shine (#12,14,16), Volupte Sheer Candy (#4) and Rouge Pur Couture (#52)


So recently, I went a little lipstick mad and bought *ahem* probably a little too many YSL Lipsticks? I was looking for a nice pinky, coral lipstick and somehow fell in love with more than one! Initially, I had only purchased the YSL Rouge Pur Couture in #52. The oh so famous lipstick made famous by Jun Ji Hyun when she wore it in the K-Drama “My Love from Another Star“. After swatching the many shades, I was tempted to {Read More}

Crafts: Silver Elephant Charm Ring


Yup, another update on what I have been making and again, it’s another silver ring! This time it’s a mini Elephant, I love how the elephant came out but the actual ring band itself I feel is a little too thin. Next time I shall have to make it with wire that is about 5mm thicker and it should look a little more balanced then. This was surprisingly difficult to photograph! It was either blurry or my camera kept getting {Read More}

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