Review: Pantene Colour Saviour and Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo


Dry shampoo has now become a staple product in my household, I don’t know what I would do without it now and one that I have always only used was the Batiste Dry Shampoo. Everytime I saw different ones on the market, I would say “no, I’ll stick to Batiste” however, on one of my previous shopping trips, I decided to branch out and give some of the other brands a try and so ended up purchasing the Pantene Pro-V {Read More}

Crafts: Green Amethyst Bezel Set Silver Ring


Here’s my latest handmade jewellery piece, this time it’s a Green Amethyst Bezel Set Silver Ring. I’ve upgraded the stone to an amethyst! I loved the coloured of this Green Amethyst stone and had to use it in something and decided to make another ring. I love making rings probably because I love wearing them. This was a little trickier to make as I had to make a “step” for the stone to sit on so that it didn’t move {Read More}

Review: Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack


I’m back with yet another Tony Moly product review! This time it’s the Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Sleeping pack! I love my bananas, so much so that I normally eat about two a day, this product comes in a banana shaped pot which just made me want to buy it even more! The “banini” from my blog name initially came about from the word banana! A little random fact but true! I used to get or maybe still do, get {Read More}

Review: Tony Moly Timeless Ferment Snail Lip Treatment


Here’s the first review from my latest Tony Moly shopping spree. As I’ve always mentioned, I love Tony Moly products, I always find them reasonably priced and very good quality. Being a fan of products containing snail mucus, I promptly added their Timeless Ferment Snail Lip Treatment into my shopping bag. Every now and again, I go through phases where my lips are extremely dry and it’s not very nice when I go to apply my lipstick and my lips {Read More}

Nendoroid: Miku Hatsune – Senbonzakura Version


Yep, another Nendoroid from GoodSmile Company! They really know how to drain a person’s bank account! Everytime I go onto their website, I seem to want to buy another Nendoroid! This time it’s the Miku Hatsune: Senbonzakura Version. This nendoroid is based off her outfit that she wore for her song “Senbonzakura” surprisingly enough 😛 I have this issue where I have trouble opening nendoroids that I deem too pretty or special to take out of their boxes. It must {Read More}

Crafts: Cubic Zirconia Gypsy Setting Silver Ring


I have been practising some gypsy setting with faceted stones and I won’t show you my first attempts because, well, they are so embarrassingly bad and I’m sure you don’t want to see that! I found it pretty difficult to get the stones to stay in. When I thought they were set properly, they ended up falling out after I put them in the ultrasonic, which is a good test to see whether you’ve done it correctly! I think on my {Read More}

Splashing My Cash On These Goodies!


I’ve been splurging on some products recently that I don’t really need but couldn’t resist a little shopping spree. We all listen to the devil inside occasionally right? Too be fair, I don’t think my spree was too bad, I did restrain myself a little. 😛 Tony Moly products! Yay! Of course I couldn’t resist not buying anything from one of my fave Korean brands! I got mostly lip products since I went through a whole lip make up phase. {Read More}

Review: Mizon Pure Argan Essential Wrapping Oil


Mizon have come out with some pretty good skincare products and I have been a fan for the past 3-4 years. Their Snail Recovery Gel is one of my fave daytime moisturising creams to use. Facial oils are a must have product in my daily skin care routine especially now that I am not getting any younger (sad days) and argan oil is already well known for it’s moisturising and nourishing properties. I bought the Mizon Pure Argan Essential Wrapping {Read More}

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