Crafts: Silver Rose Ring


I am obsessed with making silver rings and learning lots of different techniques mostly involving stone setting but this time I decided to try something new and ended up making a silver rose firstly from clay. Whilst it looks OK from far away, I’m not entirely happy that you can still see my fingerprints on the petals! That was my mistake in that I didn’t notice them there before it got fired. I tried sanding them down but as the petals {Read More}

Empties: September Issue


I very rarely make an empties post purely because I tend to throw my empties out as soon as they are finished and then realise that I should have kept them for an empties post! This time however, it seemed like most of my products ran out at roughly the same time hence why we have an empties post! Woo, I can’t say whether there will be one next month or not though! My empties are mostly haircare products this {Read More}

Nendoroid: Celty Sturluson


One of my fave characters in the Anime DuRaRaRa!!! is Celty Sturluson, the headless fairy from Ireland! When GoodSmile announced that they were releasing a Nendoroid of her, I naturally went right ahead and pre-ordered her! She retails for 4500 yen which is around £24. The bad thing was that I got it direct from GoodSmile and ended up getting taxed on the parcel which seems to always happen with anything bought from them. I thought I would be OK {Read More}

Shopping Spree! Kurt Geiger Boots


My main weakness (although I have many) are shoes! I LOVE shoes or more so Boots which is why I really like the Autumn/Winter seasons as I can bring out my favourite boots to wear. Kurt Geiger is one of the main, if not only place I purchase boots from because the quality is great and I don’t have to worry about painful feet. The styles are usually exactly what I like to wear and you can catch me browsing in {Read More}

Day Out: Banksy’s Dismaland Bemusement Park


This post is a little late considering it will be the last week that the Banksy’s Dismaland Bemusement Park will be exhibiting but we could only get tickets to go last week since they seem to sell out pretty fast! Luckily, we managed to get tickets and a trip to Weston-Super-Mare was planned in! We arrived what we thought was pretty early (10:30ish) by the time we walked towards the entrance, the “queue” only had about ten people in it {Read More}

Possibly The Best Birthday Present I’ve Received! Oikawa (Haikyuu) and Arakita (Yowamushi Pedal) Canvas Prints


OK, so some people may like the traditional gifts of beauty products, perfumes or even jewellery, whilst I do love these for presents as well, I think the presents received from my little sister this time for my Birthday was the best! You all know that I am a total nerd, I’m not ashamed to admit, I love collecting my many Nendoroids and Figures as well as watching Anime (although I don’t have time to watch much nowadays) A couple of {Read More}

Review: Bobbi Brown Intense Pigment Liner Black Plum and Midnight


When Bobbi Brown  launched some new products in the past few weeks, I was probably one of many who instantly took to the website to have a peek at what these new items were. One of them was the new Greige Eyeshadow Palette and tempted as I was, I decided against getting this without seeing the colours in real life. I already own a couple of the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palettes and the colours in the new Greige palette look really similar. {Read More}

Review: Shades of Kawaii: A Cute Colouring Book by Miss Wah


Miss Wah is a graphic designer as well as a street artist which was where I first noticed her work when she was at Upfest a few years back and have been a fan of her work ever since. If you love bright colours and kawaii art then she is an artist to check out! When it was announced that she was launching a colouring book (titled Shades of Kawaii: A Cute Colouring Book) filled with her amazing drawings, I {Read More}

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