Geek Alert – UFO Catcher Prizes Part 2


Dum dum dum part 2 of my UFO Catcher Prizes is finally going up, the more I photographed, the more I realised just how many figures I got. I probably went a little crazy over there….. Part 1 of this post is up here if you are interested. Without anymore delay here are some pictures! Kuroko No Basuke Chibi Kyun Chara Figures! I so wanted to complete the collection, there were five in total in the series but I couldn’t {Read More}

Review: Rio Rosa Mosqueta Face & Decolletage Serum


The lovely people over at Rio Rosa Mosqueta kindly provided me with a sample of one of their newest products which is the Rio Rosa Mosqueta Face & Decolletage Serum to try out. Rio Rosa Mosqueta products all contain Rosehip Oil which is a great ingredient for anti-ageing and moisturising. I did a review for their Rosehip Oil a couple of years ago here. Other main ingredients in this serum include: Babassu Butter – highly moisturising, doesn’t clog pores and {Read More}

Review: Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice Flower Purse


One brand that I’ve always read about in Cancam is Samantha Thavasa¬†and I’ve always admired the brands bags and purses. When I chanced upon a store when I was in Japan, I knew I had to go in. That particular store only sold purses and there were so many beautiful purses to look at but there was one that I literally fell in love with at first sight and this was the Petit Choice Flower Purse in navy. This was {Read More}

Geek Alert: UFO Catcher Prizes Part 1


If you ever get to go to Japan, you know you have go UFO Catching! Well, it’s a must for me anyway haha, my addiction began on my last trip to Japan¬†and ever since then I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms…ok maybe a slight exaggeration but there’s nothing more thrilling than finally watching that prize fall after all that hard work. Yep, I’m a total nerd but at least I admit it haha. I think we went into a crane game {Read More}

Review: Sofina Aube Couture Designing Jewel Compact


I took a little trip to my favourite destination Japan in December when the thing I did the most was go out shopping. Japan have some really great beauty stores but one of my faves and probably easier to find is a chain store called Matsukiyo. There is one in Akihabara which is quite large, I think I spent nearly an hour in there browsing make up trying to narrow down what I wanted to buy. One product that caught {Read More}

Small Sale Purchases


After the Christmas rush comes the January sales! I’m not one to drag myself out to town to do battle with fellow shoppers, instead I prefer to browse stress free on the internet for any bargains. Surprisingly this time, there hasn’t been much that’s caught my eye in terms of sales. I was hoping to see some gift sets go on sale but most of the ones I wanted weren’t on offer which was a shame. My sale buys only {Read More}

What The Juice?! – Green Goodness


I am on the quest to get myself eating a lot more healthy and to try and introduce more vegetables and fruit in my diet while reducing my intake of meat products. Juicing seems to be all the rage nowadays and this seems like a good way to get as much vegetables and fruits into you without making you feel too full. For me, one banana in the morning is enough to keep me going until lunchtime, when I usually {Read More}

Crafts: Sterling Silver Lotus Flower Pendant


So, I’m still carrying on my Silversmithing classes and after like four weeks of sawing and sanding, I have managed to make my first necklace, woo. I’m really pleased with how this turned out especially seeing how my initial design drawn by me can look on an actual piece of silver metal. It was a pain to sand down the sharp areas since I did make it too small, although it’s not 100% perfect, I love how it looks! Initally, {Read More}

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