Crafts: Sterling Silver Lotus Flower Pendant


So, I’m still carrying on my Silversmithing classes and after like four weeks of sawing and sanding, I have managed to make my first necklace, woo. I’m really pleased with how this turned out especially seeing how my initial design drawn by me can look on an actual piece of silver metal. It was a pain to sand down the sharp areas since I did make it too small, although it’s not 100% perfect, I love how it looks! Initally, {Read More}

Food: My Attempt at William Curley’s Fraisier Cake Recipe


I finally made an attempt at making one of the amazing recipes from my William and Suzue Curley Patisserie Book and I opted for something a little simpler and attempted the Fraisier. The instructions in the book were really simple to follow that even someone like me can make sense of it. I was a little shocked at how many steps I had to do to make one little cake but so long as you keep organised, it wasn’t so bad. {Read More}

A Trip to Dartmouth!


A few weeks back I went on a little two day trip down South to Dartmouth and we were blessed with the best weather! I have never really travelled around the UK that much and it’s just dawned on me that I’m missing out on all the beauty that this country has to offer. I had been to Cornwall a few years back and loved it there and this time decided to go to Devon. It took a while to {Read More}

William and Suzue Curley Patisserie Book Haul


I’m a huge huge huge fan of baking cakes, sweets, biscuits etc and I have numerous baking books, I do admit that some of these books are just there so that I can sit down and look over the gorgeous pictures because they are too hard to make myself haha. However, I’m hoping that the latest book by William and Suzue Curley will be an exception because everything looks amazing and the step by step pictures makes it seem like {Read More}

Review: Touch in Sol Perfect Complexion Lip Tint


Time to review that gorgeous lip tint I bought from my Touch In Sol Haul. I have been wanting a lip tint for ages that wasn’t bright red in colour and I wanted a more natural, everyday wear colour and this Touch In Sol Perfect Complexion Lip Tint is perfect. I bought the Pure Pink shade but it also comes in Cherry Pink which is a darker, red colour.  The Lip Tint retails for £6.60 for 9mls but this will {Read More}

Fangirl Squeal Alert: M.I.B – The Maginot Line Autographed Album


M.I.B are my third favourite Korean Band behind 2NE1 and Big Bang and are relatively new having debuted in 2011. The group consists of three rappers 5Zic, Young Cream and Sims and one singer Kangnam. I have been a fan since their first single and when I saw that Soompi were offering their autographed album for sale for around £10, I knew I had to get one! The Maginot Line is their latest full album and consists of 10 tracks, {Read More}

Update and I Wrote For!!!!!

When I was contacted to write for on their Asian dating section on their website, I jumped at the opportunity as it was something new that I’ve not tried before, luckily it wasn’t an article about dating because I am definitely no expert in that field! Instead I had freedom to choose what to write about beauty and I ended up writing an article about Make Up And Skin Care Tips For A First Date. These are just handy little {Read More}

Crafts: Resin Fails


There are always times when you are crafting for things to not go according to plan, I’m pretty much accident prone and I’m one of those people that seems to fail a lot before I get something that I’m happy with. Resin can be quite tricky to use, sometimes if the quantities of the hardener and resin aren’t equal then the piece doesn’t set properly. Occasionally, when I’m embedding stickers, the mixture is too runny and my stickers end up {Read More}

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