Crafts: Amethyst Cabochon Bezel Set Silver Ring


Just a little update on my silversmithing, after making my first cabochon bezel set silver ring I decided to try and make another one just to hone the skills that I’ve learnt. This time I used an Amethyst cabochon, I’ve always like Amethyst stones, mainly for the colour and it’s also not too expensive so I can afford to use one. This one is just another simple oval cabochon shape, instead of a twisted band, I again, opted to keep it {Read More}

Review: Cleomee Three Layer Perfume Donkey Oil Mist


Donkey Oil?! That was my first thought when I saw this product and you know me, I’m up for trying new and different ingredients! This Cleomee Three Layer Perfume Donkey Oil Mist again, came from a Memebox and you get the full sized 100ml product. The mist contains an EGF complex and Donkey Milk and is said to be high in vitamins, anti aging and moisturizing. Apparently, it’s better than cow and goat’s milk! Other ingredients include: Vitamin E Hyaluronic {Read More}

Crafts: Labradorite Bezel Set Silver Ring


It’s been a while since I posted anything craft related and I thought I’d update with a Bezel Set Labradorite Silver Ring I made a few months ago. After making my first ring back in May last year, what I really wanted to learn was to set stones in silver. Of course being a relative newbie, I had to start off with something simple and bezel setting a cabochon gem was a good place to start. I chose Labradorite because {Read More}

Figures: Haikyuu!! Color Colle Charm Figure Collection


Yet another figure post. today I will be introducing the Haikyuu!! Color Colle Figure Collection, again these are some cute little chibi figures. I’ve already mentioned that I’m really loving sports anime at the moment and Haikyuu!! is one of those anime in my top 10 at the moment. Haikyuu!! is an anime about volleyball, at first I thought it wouldn’t be very interesting but it proved me wrong and is very entertaining and fun to watch. The box comes {Read More}

Nendoroid: Kosaka Honoka Love Live!!


Well, my Kosaka Honoka Nendoroid finally arrived! Shipping only took like 6 weeks for me to get it, I was beginning to wonder whether she had gotten lost in the post! I’m not afraid to admit that I love collecting figures and nendoroids are the main types of figures I collect since they are small and so cute looking! Before it got to the stage where I just bought random ones because they looked cute without knowing what anime they {Read More}

Review: Hope Girl Tinted Lip Balm


During my blogging hiatus, I too was one of those people that ended up jumping on the Memebox bandwagon and got myself some of these boxes. Now I’ve got some motivation to blog, it’s time to start reviewing some of these products! The first one today is the Hope Girl Tinted Lip Balm! This came as a full size 5g pot and a random colour was selected. I happened to get Love Peach. I’m not the biggest fan of tinted {Read More}

Review: Kanebo Coffret D’or Smile Up Cheeks Blusher


So here I am with another amazing beauty product that I bought from Matsukiyo in Japan. This is uet another product that is contained in a beautiful case. This product is the Kanebo Coffret D’or Smile Up Cheeks Blusher. Aside from the packaging, I love the pretty flower pattern of the actual blusher inside. More of that later. I bought this for 2300 yen which is roughly £13, while it’s not really cheap I feel the price is worth it {Read More}

Figures: Kuroko No Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball) One Coin Figures


I absolutely fell in love with these cute little Kuroko no Basuke One Coin Figures when I was in Japan, I initially bought two single individual boxes and when I opened them, I realised that I needed the rest..yes I did need them Kotobukiya in Akihabara is a must stop for someone who loves collectible items. The store is 3 storeys high and packed full of goodies. The Kuroko no Basuke One Figures were either sold as individual packs or as {Read More}

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