Tutorial: Droopy Eye Makeup

This tutorial isn’t really going to make your eyes completely droopy, but it’s just a different way to wear eyeliner and it does change the shape of your eye slightly. My eye makeup was like this most days whilst I was on holiday, since it’s quick and easy to do!

Products used:

  1. Sleek Eyeshadow Palette Bad Girl in Innocence and Abyss
  2. Clio Twisturn Liquid Eyeliner in Star Gold and Stage Navy
  3. Rimmel White Soft Kohl Pencil
  4. Maxfactor Eye Brightening Mascara for brown eyes

Step 1: Apply primer over your lids and under the waterline

Step 2: Apply your base colour over the upper lid, mine is Innocence from the Sleek Bad Girl Palette.

Step 3: Next taking my Navy Clio Twisturn Eyeliner, I lined my upper lid making sure NOT to wing it up at the end but wing it DOWN instead.

Here is how it should look when you open your eye:

Step 4: From the end of the line you drew in step 3, draw a line down to the bottom lid and stop just over a third of the eye. Fill in any gaps between the eye with the eyeliner. It should look something like this:

Step 5: Taking Abyss from the Sleek Palette, just dap a little bit onto the outer corners of the eye and a little over the outer third on the upper lid over the eyeliner line. This keeps the eyeliner in place.

Step 6: Taking Innocence again, I line the bottom lid until it meets the line drawn by the eyeliner.

Step 7: Taking my Clio Twisturn Eyeliner in Gold, I apply it over my bottom lid and extended it slightly over the Navy eyeliner.

Step 8: Taking my Rimmel White Soft Kohl Pencil, I line my waterline.

Step 9: I curl and apply mascara and the look is done!

I look cross eyed again in this picture!

What are your thoughts on this tutorial?


  1. Kay Baninibeauty says:

    Thanks Jae! Gold makes my eyes look just that little bit bigger haha, Ooh great I will join it!

  2. Kay Baninibeauty says:

    hahah I must be psychic! I think winging it down suits me better as well, prob because my eyes naturally droop down anyway.

    Yay, small eyed buddies haha, it’s so annoying sometimes when applying eye makeup on T_T

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