Raw Buckwheat Honey and Cinnamon for Acne and Weightloss?

My mother was watching some health programme from Hong Kong and she saw this little section about a Doctor explaining that a Raw Buckwheat Honey and Cinnamon Diet can help with acne and weightloss. My mother relayed this back to me since she knows about my skin woes and wanted me to try it to see if it would help. If you are from an Asian family, you may have also, like me, been told that you are “too Fat” especially if you aren’t a tiny size 8, mother being mother has told me I’ve put on weight as well so if this method works it would be sorting out two problems for me! Thanks mum, my self esteem is doing great 😛

I’ve always knew that honey was a good anti-bacterial and it can be used on wounds and scars to promote healing. I haven’t heard of Raw Buckwheat Honey and Cinnamon being good for you. The only cinnamon I eat are from cinnamon doughnuts 😛 Maybe that’s why I’ve put on weight!

So, here is my plan! I am going to trial this out for maybe two months, maybe more depending on how I feel to see whether there is any improvement in my skin and/or weight. I know with the skin it’ll take time for it to heal etc so I’m not expecting any dramatic results, same with the weight as well. If I’m honest, I am a little skeptical as to whether this is just a fad and it’s not actually going to do anything but I’ll try anything once!

From what I’ve been told,the recipe from this HK doctor is to:

  • Dissolve one teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a small amount of hot water
  • Add 250mls of hot water to this mixture and let it cool until it’s warm (you’ll kill off all the good stuff in the honey if you use hot water)
  • Dissolve in one tablespoon of Raw Buckwheat Honey

You are supposed to drink this mixture twice daily. My mum also mentioned that he said you may find you might need to go to to toilet a bit more than usual since it’s helping to eliminate the toxins in the body. So, I have that to look forward to..nice.

I did a little bit more research on this and was surprised by how many articles I found on this, so it’s definitely not a new idea. Here’s a little more on what I found out about:

Raw Buckwheat Honey contains all the minerals, vitamins and enzymes that will have otherwise been lost if the honey was pasteurised, so it’s important that the honey is raw. Raw honey can help with coughs and colds as it’s anti bacterial. Other benefits include stabilising blood pressure and sugar levels as well as relieving pain and treating ulcers. Sounds too good to be true right? Which is why I’m skeptical about it.

Cinnamon can also help digestion and ulcers as well as help reduce blood sugars, food cravings and cholesterol.

I’ve also found that it has to be CEYLON Cinnamon. Both cinnamons have similar health benefits but their coumarin contents are different. Coumarins basically help stop the blood from clotting. Cassia Cinnamon contains a higher level of these coumarins and if you plan on ingesting it over a long period of time then it’s best to avoid and used the true Ceylon Cinnamon instead.

From what I’ve found, Ceylon Cinnamon is normally from Sri Lanka so if you do purchase the cinnamon, just have a quick check for the country of origin as well.

I currently only have the cinnamon powder that can be bought from the supermarkets, I have a feeling this is Cassia Cinnamon but I’m going to use this up for now until my Ceylon Cinnamon comes through the post.

I found a few different “recipes” online but I’m going to follow the one above.

What I am going to do is post weekly updates to see how I am getting on. I’m not planning on changing my diet either since I think it’s not so bad at the moment and I’m trying not to eat that many snacks. I’ll post up what I normally have during the day.

If I’m working then I’ll have a banana for breakfast, a sandwich and a piece of fruit for lunch, then home for dinner which consists of rice and then whatever meat, vegetable dish we feel like eating at the time. Snacks consist of either some biscuits, chocolate etc but I’m not eating in excess anymore.

If I’m not working then breakfast and dinner is similar but I’ll have a bigger lunch since I’m able to cook and possibly more snacks especially if I’m just sat watching something. I gained so much weight when I had 3 weeks off just doing nothing but sitting around all day!

Exercise wise, I aim to do 30 minutes to an hour 3-4 times a week, this does decrease if I’m working because I just don’t have the time when I get back home late.

OK, so that’s the plan, here is a picture of my chin which is my main problem area for reference and we’ll see how this little test goes!



Eww yucky red bumps all over, hope I didn’t put anyone off their food 😛

If you want to try this along with me then feel free although if you do take any medication or have any illness I would suggest talking to your doctor beforehand to make sure it is safe.


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